You finally have made up your mind that you want to open up a business-Congrats! After long years of planning finally, your dream is turning to reality. Nevertheless, you come to learn that very few people carry money nowadays and dealing with cheques and cheque books is quite tedious. If you don’t want to lack purchases in your business, then it is necessary to have a credit card reader. Chips or swipes can be of great use to your business and makes accepting of other forms of payment an easy task. Check out the four best credit card readers to buy in 2018.

Square Contactless and Chip Reader: Best Overall Credit Card Reader

This credit card reader is a perfect choice for your business. This Square contactless modern card reader enables you to quickly use and readily accepts payments using debit cards, EMV chips, Android pay and Easy pay. It also consists of a free square card reader for magstripe which enables you to swipe your cards and also has a micro USB charging cable.

Futura Care Reader: Best Budget Credit Card Reader

When starting out a new business, you don’t want to incur enormous costs, and this also applies to credit cards. If you’re going to introduce credit cards in your business and you want a card reader that’s budget-friendly, Futura card reader is the choice for you. This card reader works well with desktop and laptops. The Futura credit card reader has a one-year warranty which will give you enough time before purchasing another one.

Osayde Credit Card Reader: Best Magnet Credit Card Reader

This unique machine from Osayde allows you to write, read and even delete magnetic stripes. It enables you to do things like accept debit and credit cards payment, make badges for employees and also make gift cards using this appliance. The Osayde reader can verify and encode data at the same time. Also, it comes with a cleaning card, USB connector, 20 free absolute cards, and power adapter.

Square Credit Card Reader for iPhone, Android, and IPad: Best for pop up shops

Square credit card reader for iPhone, Android and iPad makes work more manageable for both you and your clients. This square credit card is portable and consumes less space. You only need to plug in the card reader on your tablet and start making sales.


There are many up to date best credit card readers available and which serve various purposes. Your type of business is what will determine the kind of card to use. Ensure you choose the best credit card reader that will also benefit your business.