Every business needs a machine to carry out sales with, be it a POS system or a cash register. The machines may vary from an electronic cash register, traditional or computerized POS systems. If you have a retail store, then it is inevitable to be without a cash management system.

When operating a business, the cash register is the safest place to store your cash. It can save money, process a client’s transaction quickly and perfectly keep records. One primary reason as to why both POS systems and cash register are initially expensive is because you will get quality service for a long time after buying any of the machines. However, there are differences between a POS system and a cash register, let’s look at them.

Sales Features of a POS system and a Cash Register

A POS system has the power of scanning barcodes of products, making them a better choice for retail shops. It enables you to define promotions, specials or discounts so that they are displayed automatically; this allows customers to know precisely which items are on sale that particular day or week. POS systems mostly connect with both debit and credit card while a cash register doesn’t.

Inventory for Cash Registers and POS Systems

The most modern cash registers can give your ideas, a breakdown of all the categories of total items that you sold on a particular day.  A POS system follows up on a specific item sold and makes a comparison with the inventory that is updated to determine if that item is still in stock. Also, the POS SYSTEM alerts you to make orders for a specific item.

Customer Tracking for POS Systems and Cash Registers

A cash register can’t conduct customer information or track their buying history, but a POS system does. Whether your sales are online based, via the phone or face to face, you can enter the customer’s information be it their name to track purchases.

Price Difference Between a POS System and Cash Register

The main difference between a POS system and a cash register is the price. From 2012 simple cash register could be bought from 100$ while the classy ones can go up to 1000$. Standard POS system price range starts from 1000$ and can reach up to 10,000$ depending on your wants and needs.


Whether operating a big or small business your business needs either a POS system machine or a cash register. These machines will help you in managing your finances, keep track of purchase and help you in running your business.