Facts That Will Make You Want To Sell On Facebook

From the way e-commerce is revolutionizing the global market, it has been discovered that people would prefer selling and buying things online. The fact that it cuts out the intermediates online shopping comes with a benefit of fair pricing. It is, however, good to know that while some people are selling items through e-commerce websites, some are making millions in profit by only selling on social media platforms. As for people who sell on Facebook, there are many benefits that they get to enjoy not forgetting that some people sell for free on Facebook. Other benefits include;

Access to a wider market

Social media is one of the most populated places online. That is why even the various e-commerce websites market their stores on Facebook. However, it is good to know that it may take you some time to build enough following that can give you good cash regularly. For people who want to reach their faster, Facebook offers page and post promotions at affordable rates. Facebook allows sellers more freedom unless you break some of their rules by spamming or doing other inappropriate things. Also, they don’t get involved in your business whatsoever, allowing them to avoid solving many issues; hence, they don’t charge any commissions.

Good for selling locally

Cash on delivery

One of the best things about Facebook is that if you find a suitable buyer, it is usually someone who already has the money and has been saving it up for that particular item. There is also a chance that you will be selling to a stranger; hence, no room for negotiating for anything else if it is not cash. Cash transactions make it easier for sellers to set prices and the buyers to negotiate because it usually is a transaction that lasts a very few minutes.

Good for selling locally

Facebook uses location targeting to search and suggest people from around your area. That is why you will find that people from the same location typically have a high number of mutual friends. Already, that is an excellent connection to tapping into the local market. If you intend to sell on Facebook; however, the first plan on your strategy should be sending requests and accepting the one you share most mutual friends. That way, you may not even require an official page to get customers because you will have already built the right audience through targeting.

It does not require special skills

Almost everyone who owns a smartphone today has a Facebook account. Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world because it was the first of its kind. Opening a Facebook account or page is a straightforward process, and also, Facebook provides tones of tips that can guide you. That is why it is very easy for someone who wants to sell his or her item, to begin with, Facebook.

You can sell directly on Facebook

There are some e-commerce platforms like Shopify which have advanced social media apps that you can integrate with Facebook to allow you to market directly. After linking your site to the respective page, you can then set up a “store” button on all your products. According to report, people who have been unable to get customers for their products on selling platforms like eBay have been using Facebook as a plan B. Also, don’t forget that selling platforms also rely on Facebook to get more people to sell and buy from their platform. In short, you will be competing for the market with the giants and still be able to grab a good share of the market.

Selling in Facebook is much faster

With more people spending time on Facebook, some are just looking for where they can spend their money. Don’t be surprised when you put up the first product on your page and immediately start receiving large orders. Don’t, however, forget that when selling on the platform, you will have to be creative enough with your adverts. Videos are today widely used for advertising on Facebook because it is a better way of communicating.

It is measurable

Through Facebook statistics, you can see the number of people who have interacted with your brand. Depending on how you manage the page, you will see real results of whether you are doing the right thing or not. However, the target for many people who sell and market on Facebook is to get many interactions as possible. For that to happen, you need to increase your customer attribution. Attribution is the number of times your connections get to see your brand on Facebook. The more people you engage, the higher the number of them converting and becoming your loyal customers.

Can lead to more offline sales

The good thing with selling on Facebook is that you can always leave your direct contact so that customers can reach you directly when they need anything. You will realize that with a strategic Facebook marketing plan, you will have more offline sales because most clients will want to meet you directly, especially if they are looking for a long term partnership.

Access to more opportunities

Today, organizations have come to realize that partnerships are a better way of getting things to move faster. That is why you will find that when dealing with most companies, they will be looking for someone who they can rely on to offer certain products or services. Through Facebook, they can reach you directly through your page and don’t forget that it is your page that has given you such a reputation.


With more social media platform coming up by the day, the competition for the best platform is at a very high stake. However, we all know that Facebook is the first platform, and that is why millions of people around the world recognize it. In the past, no one knew how Facebook could be an efficient e-commerce tool, but today, the platform even offers marketing services but choose not to get involved in any transaction.

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