Long gone are the days that people used to get paid using plastic. Getting paid with plastic meant a host of fees, multiple gateway services, and expensive hardware. The growth of mobile credit card readers has made work more manageable for both freelancers and businesses.

 Some of the best mobile credit card reader have average fees, POS systems and access to inventory management tools. Below are some of the best mobile credit card readers that might be the perfect choice for your business.

Square Mobile Credit Card Reader

Square is among one of the oldest but also one of the best mobile credit card readers. If you want a credit card that’s easy to use Square would be a great option. Square mainly focuses on artless and straightforward designs and pricing. Besides, the company also offers some strong integration for handling orders and another point of sale solutions. For example, Square now compiles invoices and accepts gift cards.

Pay anywhere Mobile Credit Card Reader

North America has also joined the team of using mobile credit card readers. Pay anywhere also has a simple and straightforward design. Pay anywhere majors in offering a less complicated mobile solution and a broad storefront. Its point of sale solution come with viable rates for companies and provides an extensive network of service providers who work for high-end service providers.

PayPal Here Mobile Credit Card Reader

PayPal here is one of the renowned and best credit card readers.  PayPal here is part and parcel of the whole PayPal package which combines with your online account and PayPal debit card. The main idea of PayPal here is to enable you to run your online business easily, and payments via PayPal and get quick access to your funds and your invoice history.

Shopify Mobile Credit Card Reader

If you are running a business and depend on a well-managed inventory, then Shopify might be your savior.  Shopify lessens the hustle in the industry and private businesses. You can be able to make purchases and everything else that your company requires to manage its inventory, sales performance, stock and other important analytics.


Your needs are the ones who determine which is the best mobile credit card reader for you. The options listed above are some of the best card readers, and they accept other payment options as well.